documentation on opennethome?

Functionality and usage of the OpenNethome Server
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documentation on opennethome?

Post by JosAH » Sun Dec 23, 2018 12:55 pm


I'm brand new here (read: almost no knowledge at all abouf zwave) and I can't find any documentation of opennethome (all links I can find are dead).
Currentlly I'm trying to use the opennethome software: I'm using the Shell class and I recompile the JSON objects returned by it, but that's about all I can do; it's prorbably my total ignorance about zwave itself but allow me to ask a couple of (umelated?) questions: how can I group certain devices? (e.g. a couple of binary swithes, so I can switch them all on or off together). Does a group have its own node id or are all swithes going to react sumultaneously? And what does that Configuration.Get command do? Programming is no problem; I have been programming proressionally my entire life and after my stroke I have plenty of time on my hands but I think I'm too old now to reverse engineer everything without any documentation.
The docs supplied by silabs contain head nor tail for me (sorry about that). I've bought an Aeotec serial stick and as far as I can see, it does what it has to do, but no more than that for now ;-)

thanks for any usseful pointers and

kind regards.


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