Recieving signals from a USB sound card

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Recieving signals from a USB sound card

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I use a Tellstick Duo to receive and transmit signals to and from my NetHomeServer. As the Tellstick Duo cannot receive signals from my Nexa smoke detectors I have connected a RX433N to a small USB sound card and connected all the HW to a separate PC. In the protocol analyser I can see how the signals to and from my main NetHomeServer are received and interpreted correctly by the RX433N and the USB sound card.

I installed an instance of NetHomeServer in the PC and created a AudioProtocolParser Item. I copied the settings like Flank Swing, Flank Length etc. from the protocol analyser settings and the AudioProtocolParser popped up nicely and reported the Ctatus as connected in the Item list.

Now to the problem: When I click Create New Item I expect to se all the Thermometers and lamps etc. to pop up in the detected items window as soon as they are active in my house, ...but nothing happens at all. The necessary protocols are all activated in the AudioProtocolParser.

In the log file get these messages repeated over and over again:

17.11.11 15:14:44 AudioProtocolPort Sample Rate:44100.0
17.11.11 15:14:43 AudioProtocolPort Closing 0 additional lines in the mixer
17.11.11 15:14:43 AudioProtocolPort Close wait count: 1
17.11.11 15:14:43 AudioProtocolPort Sampler Thread Exiting
17.11.11 15:14:43 AudioProtocolPort Closing TargetDataLine wo stop and flush, buffer:2756

I have tried to connect the USB Sound card to a separate Raspberry pi, but the result is the same. Should the settings be different in AudioProtocolParser compared to the Protocol Analyser? Does anyone have any ideas or experiences to share regarding using a USB sound card and the AudioProtocolParser?

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Re: Recieving signals from a USB sound card

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Hi Peters,

Sorry for a really slow reply here, but I did not realize the cause of this problem at first. Your problem is probably caused by the installation scripts for raspberry pi not adding the nethome user to the audio-group. The result is that the nethome user does not have the rights to access the sound card.

I have added this in the installation files now, but if you want to add it manually, type these commands in a shell:

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sudo usermod -a -G audio nethome
Hope this helps
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