Help to get started

Building and connecting hardware to OpenNethome
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Help to get started

Post by uniHome »

I have this: Raspberry Pi, 5 x Nexa EYCR-201 connected to lamps, Philips Hue Starter Pack E27 9W.
Is this all I need to install NetHome and control everything through the interface? What would I need to complete my system if not?

Hopefully this is not too stupid questions, if they are, I apologize.

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Re: Help to get started

Post by rest »

Hello uniHome!

I suggest to buy a Tellstick Duo to be able to control the Nexa switches. You also might have some wireless thermometers which the Tellstick can receive. I have no experience with the lamps but you will need another piece of hardware to control them. That is a Philips Hue Bridge connected to your network. That should be all in terms of Hardware. I guess your Raspi is equipped with a SD card and you have a power supply for it.


Raspberry PI 2 and Tellstick Duo
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Re: Help to get started

Post by stefangsbb »

Hi uniHome!

These are definitely not a stupid questions.

The Philips Hue lamps can be controlled directly by OpenNetHome via the Hue Bridge that is included in the starter pack, just create a HueBridge-Item first, and then all your lamps will be detected and show up on the create item page.

As rest pointed out, you will need a RF transmitter to be able to control the Nexa switches, and I agree that the Tellstick Duo is the easiest option there. Just watch out so you don't get a Tellstick Net, as this cannot be used for local connections.

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