JeeLink Firmware Question

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JeeLink Firmware Question

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I actually found this project through RollerTrol's site when trying to figure out how to add computer control to my blinds (among other home automation tasks).

Their latest tutorial involves OpenNetHome and the JeeLink USB 433MHz RF transceiver, which looks to be both the cheapest and most easily obtainable (at least in the US) such device.

I have a set of RollerTrol blinds, but I've yet to purchase a compatible RF transmitter. Based on RollerTrol's tutorial and the OpenNetHome documenttaion, I have a few questions.
  • Is custom firmware needed for the Jeelink, or will the demo RF program do? The Rollertrol site implies it just works, but this site says otherwise.
  • The JeeLinks come in both RFM12B and RFM69C variants. Will either version work with the current OpenNetHome support? The 69C's added features seem to include better support for reception (signal strength indicators), and at least some reports say a greater range. It is fully backwards compatible, though some firmware tweaks may be needed to enable compatibility mode.
  • Where can I find the source code for the posted JeeLink firmware for OpenNetHome? The nightly release zip includes a binary, but I can't find any corresponding sources in git.
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Re: JeeLink Firmware Question

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You do need to install the OpenNetHome Firmware according to the instructions on the installation page: ... l-jeelink/.

It is ONLY the RFM12B-version (JeeLink Classic) that is supported. The RFM69C-version has a completely different model for sending OOK-data that fits very poorly with the way 433MHz remote controls send data, so to make it work for that would require a total rewrite of the firmware and some advanced tricks (if it would be possible at all)

I have not really released the source for firmware yet...
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