Nexa PIR sensor to fire an event - how?

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Nexa PIR sensor to fire an event - how?

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I have a Nexa LMDT-810 PIR (rörelsesensor) which runs on battery. When someone walks in front of my door I want to fire an event, send an e-mail, chime a door bell or something along those lines. How do I trigger the event from the PIR in OpenNethome?

(The PIR sensor works by itself because I can pair it with a Nexa plug to light up a lamp.)

Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3 + Tellstick Duo + 433Mhz plugs + PIR sensor

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Re: Nexa PIR sensor to fire an event - how?

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You use a NexaLCRemapButton to trigger some action when the PIR-sensor fires. You can just go in to the "Create/Edit"-page and then trigger the sensor. You will see it pop up in the "Detected Devices"-window and can create the Item from there.

One thing to watch out for, is that these PIR-sensors keep sending for quite a while when they are triggered, so if you try to trigger some other action on the 433MHz-band as an action, there is a risk that the new transmission is drowned by the PIR-sensor still transmitting.
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