Modifying the "My own logo"

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Modifying the "My own logo"

Post by KrilleKrokodil »


Enjoying the software so far, took some time to get things working properly but I got the hang of it now :)

I was wondering about the top right icon called "My own logo", where can I replace this? I can't find it in any folder.
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Re: Modifying the "My own logo"

Post by stefangsbb »

Hi, glad to hear!

It is not really documented how you change this, but here is a short guide.

First you go to Settings->Media and upload the new image you want to use (for example mylogo.jpg)
Then you go to the web GUI home item. It is called "HomeWEB" and you will find it under All Items->GUI
In the HomeWEB item you set the "RightBanner" to /media/<name of your image>, for example /media/mylogo.jpg

Hope this helps!
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