Hue Bridge + Trådfri lamps

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Hue Bridge + Trådfri lamps

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I own a Hue Bridge and a few Hue lamps (white ambience). I’ve also paired a few Trådfri lamps (also variable Kelvin) to the Hue Bridge and they show up in NH as HueLamps (”Color temperature light”).
One small problem though is that I cannot set colour temperatures for the four different Dimlevels. This works for the Hue lamps but not for Trådfri.

On the Philips lamps I can set for instance ”DimLevel1: 0,500”, which roughly means 0% brightness (they do light up at this level) and roundabouts 2200K in colour temperature.
The Ikea lamps won’t accept this method. They just light up at the default temperature.
I’d like for the lamps to glow warmer when dimmed down.
I can control the temperature through the Hue app and I can set a Color in NH and the lamp will light up at that temperature when switched on. But the above mentioned method doesn’t work.

Anybody have a solution for this?

Also, the Ikea lamps seem to be working a little iffy from time to time. As if some commands won’t go through sometimes. This may or may not have anything to do with NH though. They may just be a bit incompatible with the Hue Bridge.
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