Smartwatch and ONH

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Smartwatch and ONH

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I have a Garmin Fenix3 watch and i just found an app for it: ... c6907fe05f which allows me to send commands from the watch.

So together with Fenix3 + IFTTT ( ... -by-e-mail) + Raspi_Runner + Dropbox_Uploader i can control ONH, which is awesome.

Instructions how to set it up here:

At the moment this is not that practical anyhow. Process goes like this: I press trigger button on my watch -> IFTTT recipe activates and sends pre-created email to my dropbox folder. Then Dropbox-uploader (running on my ONH Rasperry) downloads (cron activates the downloader) file (script) from dropbox and then Raspi Runner runs script which e.g. tells to switch outdoor lights on from a shell.

So it is not a simple process and one biggest issue is how to get command through immediatelly as Raspberry is checking the dropbox folder with cron (e.g. every one minute). This is OK for some commands, but for e.g. lights it need to happen right away.

Maybe someone has idea how to make this process more simple. I am exited to know that this can be done already, needs some modification/thinking how to do it better.
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