How to use Analyser

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How to use Analyser

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Hi All,
I have read the Analyser manual and searched the whole site for user help on how to actually use the data gathered from the analyser, and get to actually end up with a plugin to use in ONH, is there some information or video anywhere I have missed? :?
I have many wireless hygrometers that I would like to make plugins for if I had the know how with this analyser.
One of them a Lexibook shows up as UPM protocol and is recognised in ONH OK, an Oregon Scientific shows up as UPM in Analyser, recognised in ONH but displays false readings, some of the others are showing as RC6 but not recognised in ONH.
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Re: How to use Analyser

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The reason there is no manual for it is that it is not that easy to do. The analyzer can only be used to observe the signals to figure out how they are built, but then you have to write the decoder logic yourself.
The source for all current decoders are at: ... s/decoders

A decoder plugin must fulfill the interface: ...
The comments in this class describes what you have to do to fulfill the plugin interface.

I would have expected the Oregon Scientific to work, as many models of that brand is supported, what type and model is it?
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