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IntervalTimer - Show time remaining?

Posted: Mon Feb 05, 2018 1:43 pm
by Don MC
Is there any way to make an IntervalTimer show the remaining time when activated? Now it only says "Active" below the icon and on the timer's webpage. I'd really want to know the remaining time.
Or if activation of an IntervalTimer sets an end time* rather than counting down minutes, the end time would also do fine for me. (I don't know how the timer is constructed.)

The icon could read "Rem 90 min" or "End 16:35", depending on which is easier to implement.

*(End Time example: Let us say the IntervalTimer has a set time of 90 minutes. And let us say you activate the timer at 15:05. It then sets an end time at 90 minutes from now, which would be at 16:35.)