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Idea of cleaning item list in nethome?

Posted: Mon Feb 02, 2015 4:20 pm
by Nasty76
Hey i have make some new items and some how that look little hard to way.
What u guys think if create edit menu is like add lamp ---> then select which this is nexa,nexalc ,dim or fs200 etc?.
I dont know how much time that take , tell me what u think Stefan.
Same logic add timer ---> then u see list of timers and pick one same as devices etc.
Like i say earlier nethome is awesome and little adjust we maybe get that better for beginners and get look good that nethome gui.
Ofc if i get good tutorial how i can get source code and stuff work i can try some changes so Stefan not need make basic stuff and waste time :D i dont get work that tools which allow use nethome source and compile them. I have very intrest help to make nethome better and i have some time to make some basic fixes like category items etc.